Retired Logos

We’re always evolving as a college. Things change over time, including logos. Here are examples of logos you can use in place of those that are no longer available after being phased out.

Valencia Internal Logo (Wordmark Icon)

The Valencia wordmark icon was primarily used in internal communications. After we became Valencia College, an update was made to all of our logos to show that we’re a college. We suggest using the primary logo for any materials and signage moving forward.

Valencia Wordmark Icon – Retired
Retired Watermark Logo
Replace with: Primary Logo

Primary Logo

Valencia Seal and Signature

The Valencia Seal and Signature has been revised to reflect that we’re a college. Remember though, the Valencia College Seal is reserved for special occasions only, like graduation.

Valencia Seal and Signature

50th Anniversary Logo

The 50th Anniversary logo was designed to celebrate our anniversary in 2017. But now we’re older, and wiser, so the 50th logo has been retired. We only turn 50 once, right?

The 50th Anniversary logo

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