Photography Services

We have a photographer to help capture various things around the college—from events and newsworthy stories to imagery for brochures and other marketing pieces.

Sometimes it can be challenging to cover every event. Please give us a couple days to review your request, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

And since there’s a lot of ground to cover, we try to prioritize the following:

public relations
Public Relations and Marketing

Photography for news releases, website, social media, brochures and paid advertising

newsworthy events
Newsworthy Events

Photography for events that merit local, regional or national media interest

college events
Major College-sponsored Events

Photography for Commencement, Learning Day, Osceola September 11 Memorial

Professional Portraits
College Portraits

Photography for the college website and publications featuring faculty and staff members from around the college.


If your request falls outside the focus, or schedules collide, we can still help. We know some great freelance photographers and can recommend someone for you to work with directly (at your department’s expense.) Things like banquets and receptions, graduations, conferences, individual student recognitions and awards, and classroom activities are perfect for a freelancer.

Talent Release Form

Complete the talent release form prior to a photography session with the college photographer.


Photographic Principles

The photos we take should express our unique culture, which is encouraging, progressive, non-judgmental, authentic, optimistic and nurturing. Getting familiar with these categories makes it easier to honor the college’s strong brand and ensure your photos capture the essence of our values and mission.


Diverse Community

Photographs should capture a group of individuals working together toward a common goal and celebrating the diversity of our community.

nursing class group
students walking sidewalk

Promising Portraits

Portrait shots should capture members of the Valencia College looking directly into the camera with an expression of pride. Portraits should be inspirational and provide the viewer with the feeling “I could be that person.”

Promising portrait - male student smiling
Promising portrait - female student smiling

Engaged Faces

Using a journalistic style of photography, photos should capture authentic moments. Subjects should be photographed in dynamic locations and depict colors that are accurate to real life.

Student working in lab
Student at computer

Architectural Horizons

Architectural photos should be shot at a low-angle to straight-on, and should capture an immense sky and/or a pedestrian path with people walking. They should be inviting and provide the viewer with a positive representation of our campuses and community.

Poinciana Campus architectural horizon
East Quad

I’ve Got My Own Photos

If you want to use your own photos, we’ve just got to check a couple of boxes. Ensure you not only have written permission from the photographer to use an image, but that talent releases are on file for all subjects in the image. Please send a copy of your signed talent releases to Still have questions? Reach out.