Tone and Voice

While all communication should be clear, concise and well-written, the tone of voice for both internal and external communications should be a direct reflection of our brand personality.

Brand Personality

  • Encouraging
  • Progressive
  • Non-judgmental
  • Authentic
  • Optimistic
  • Nurturing

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Writers Style Guide

Business correspondence, PowerPoint presentations, emails or any publication done on behalf of the college should be written in a style that is simple, friendly and understandable. Presenting a consistent style of communication when addressing students, colleagues and the community reinforces the fact that we are speaking on behalf of the college.


  • Follow the guidelines of the Associated Press; reference our Style Guide for Writers for a listing of words unique to education
  • Avoid jargon—use simple, clear language that the reader would quickly recognize
  • Be brief—whenever possible, keep letters to a single page
  • Always provide contact information
  • To ensure accuracy, have someone proofread your work before sending it out