Our Brand

On this site, you’ll see how we use various elements to visually identify who we are and what we do. From logos to color palettes, typefaces to image usage, these are the tangible ways we communicate Valencia College.

Our brand platform attributes and pillars are the foundation of our being and the reason for our existence. Together, the who, what and why tell the story of Valencia College. But it’s not just our story. As part of Valencia College, it’s your story as well.

As custodians and stewards of the Valencia College brand, it is up to each and every one of us to represent ourselves and Valencia College in the best possible light. Go through this site and use what you learn on it wisely. In doing so, the Valencia College brand will become even more ingrained and meaningful in your life, the lives of our students and the community as a whole.

Still unsure? We’re happy to help.

We get it. It’s a lot of information to soak in. Reach out—that’s what we’re here for. It takes us all to maintain the brand our students know and love.

Brand Architecture

Like anything that has enduring value, a strong brand is built from a strong foundation. It starts with a single idea that is then carefully crafted to complement, strengthen and highlight other aspects of its offerings. This includes the services it offers, its vision and mission, and its people. By living up to its promise, it creates an authentic and engaging relationship with its core audience.

Brand Strategy

Valencia College uses education as a catalyst.

Brand Attributes
  • Aspirational
  • Accessible
  • Innovative
  • Unique
  • Dynamic
  • Empowering
  • Emerging
Brand Personality
  • Encouraging
  • Progressive
  • Non-judgmental
  • Authentic
  • Optimistic
  • Nurturing
Brand Values
  • Learning
  • People
  • Diversity
  • Access
  • Integrity
Brand Promise

At the heart of every community and student lies the desire to reach their potential. Valencia College embraces that responsibility. Standing in the gap between what is and what can be, we guide, encourage and move our students forward, giving them not just a great college experience, but something even more powerful—a belief in themselves.

Brand Essence

We believe a better tomorrow begins every day at Valencia College.