The two official typefaces of Valencia College are Adobe Garamond Pro and Gotham. With a variety of weights, these are both legible and flexible.

Adobe Garamond Pro


Gotham Condensed

Adobe Garamond Pro can be used interchangably with Gotham and creates a pleasant visual complement when used in documents of any type. Learn more about Adobe Garamond.

Gotham grabs attention in headlines for flyers and posters and should be used where legibility is critical, such as small type sizes, web URLs, outdoor advertising text and long-form body text. Learn more about Gotham.

Gotham Condensed offers some flexibility when space is at a premium and you’ve got a lot to say.

Get the Fonts
Both Adobe Garamond and Gotham require licensing, just like software. Sorry, we’re not able to share them with you, but you can license them.

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Alternate Typefaces

There are three alternate typefaces—Montserrat, Arial and Palatino. These font families are cross-platform (Mac/PC) and should be used anytime the official typefaces are not available or practical. This could include correspondence on stationery, email writing, presentations and web pages.




Montserrat is a suitable alternate for Gotham and is available from Google Fonts, for the Mac, PC or for use on webpages. Learn more about Montserrat.

Arial is a system font, available on most computers at the college—also a suitable replacement for Gotham—when writing email, creating web pages or marketing collateral using our templates. Arial Regular at 10-point min /12-point max should be used as the font for all Valencia College emails.

Palatino is the recommended substitute for Adobe Garamond Pro, and is available on most college computers. NOTE: If your project file requires font compatibility cross-platform (such as a PowerPoint created on a Mac but presented on a PC), the Office suite of products offers Palatino Linotype, which is also an alternate typeface for Adobe Garamond. Palatino Regular at 12-point should be used as the font when writing correspondence on the Valencia College letterhead.