Valencia College Foundation Logo

Together we can make sure the Valencia College Foundation logo is used only for foundation-specific marketing and communications. You’ll see that this logo includes the use of the Valencia College Seal—it elevates the brand, appealing to potential donors.

Always try to use the vertical version of the foundation logo. However, if space doesn’t allow, there’s another option below.

Vertical Logo

Valencia College Foundation vertical logo with watermark

Horizontal Logo

Valencia College Foundation horizontal logo with watermark

Still unsure? We’re happy to help.

We get it. It’s a lot of information to soak in. Reach out—that’s what we’re here for. It takes us all to maintain the brand our students know and love.

Clear Space

Let’s give a little breathing room, okay? Allowing some space around the Valencia College Foundation Logo helps it stand out in a crowd—and when the crowd might be a few other logos, photos and some copy, it’s important to stand out. So, here’s the math: the minimum clear space is defined as a space equal to twice the cap height of the capital “E” in “college.”

Whoa. Wait. What?

Take a look below.

Vertical Logo

Twice the cap height of the “E”

Valencia College Foundation Logo Clearspace

Horizontal Logo

Twice the cap height of the “E”

Valencia College Foundation Horizontal Logo Clearspace

Logo Sizing

Not too small. We want people to know it’s us. Plus, some methods of printing may not allow the logo to look it’s best at small sizes. Let’s use the logo at 1” wide, but larger is always acceptable.

Width measurement – from end to end
Foundation Logo Scaling

Steer Clear of Incorrect Use of the Logo

Using approved artwork and logos help build equity in our brand. When a logo is typed out, stretched or produced in different colors, it sets a rocky foundation. Here are some examples of altered logos that compromise the integrity of the mark.

Valencia College Seal unapproved example

Don’t use over a pattern or photo. Use over a white background only.