Sub-brand Logos

Sub-brand Logos complement the primary logo, creating a sense of unity across departments and the college.

Key Points

Sub-brand Logos identify a unit—department, office or cluster—within Valencia College. Complementing the primary logo, Sub-brand Logos offer the flexibility for units to represent themselves as part of the college. The hierarchy of the sub-brand logo is [unit] [sub-unit]. We find they work well together, so please don’t break them up.

And while ampersands ("&”) are great for decor, they’re not part of our brand style. You can help keep this consistent across the college by spelling out “and” in all cases.

Sub-brand Logo

The Sub-brand Logo may take the place of the primary logo (in many instances).

If you’re looking for a Sub-brand Logo, take a look at the list on this page. Didn’t find your sub-brand logo in the list? Reach out and we’ll create one for you.

Breakdown of the Sub-brand logo

Primary Logo
+ +
Unit Identifier
= =
Sub-brand Logo

Sub-brand Logo with Sub-unit

Breakdown of Sub-brand logo with Sub-unit
Sub-brand Logo
+ +
Sub-unit Identifier
= =
Sub-brand logo with sub-unit

Clear Space

Give it some air. Room to breathe. Allowing some space around the logo helps it stand out amongst copy, images and other logos. And we want it to stand out.

At a minimum, allow room for two capital Es all the way around. This is, of course, in proportion to the size at which you use the logo.

Twice the cap height of the “E”


Logo Sizing

Put it out there. The logo doesn’t need to be small. Make sure they won’t have to squint to know it’s us. Plus, some methods of printing may not allow the logo to look it’s best at small sizes. Let’s use the Sub-brand Logo at 1-1/4” wide or larger.

Width measurement – from end to end


Steer Clear of Incorrect Use of the Logo

Each of us has a part in maintaining our brand, including the treatment of our logo. Let’s use the official artwork. Logos that have been typed out, stretched or drawn, including the examples below, work against the brand we build.

Don’t typeset the logo. The logo is a custom drawn graphic.

Don’t stretch or distort the logo.

Don’t tilt the logo on an angle.

Don’t change the color of the logo.

Don’t violate the clear space of the primary logo.

Don’t use metallic gold with black.

Don’t use a one-color or grayscale logo within a colored box.

Don’t use the logo within body copy.

Available Sub-brand Logos

Accelerated Skills Training
Answer Center
Atlas Lab
Advanced Manufacturing
Advanced Manufacturing Training Center
Alumni Association
Arts and Humanities
Basic Construction
Behavioral and Social Sciences
Biotechnology Laboratory Sciences
Bridges To Success
Business, Information Technology and Public Services
Campus Store
Career Center
Career Pathways
Career Workforce Education
Centers For Accelerated Training
Collaborative Design Center
College To Careers
Continuing Education
Continuing International Education
Dean of Students
Educator Preparation Institute
Employee Development
Courier Services
Dual Enrollment
Employment and Onboarding
Energy Management and Controls Technology
Engineering Computer Programming Technology
Faculty and Instructional Development – Downtown and West Campuses
Financial Learning Ambassador
Global and Continuing Education
Global Distinction
Grounds Services
Faculty and Instructional Development
Faculty Development
Health Sciences
Horizon Scholars Program
Hospitality and Culinary
Information Technology
Institutional Research
International Student Services
Internship and Workforce Services
Landscape Horticulture
Language Programs
Learning Support
Math Center East Campus
New Student Experience
Outreach and Recruitment
Paralegal Studies
Plant Operations
Office of Information Technology
Organizational Development and Human Resources
Facilities Services
Print and Design
Public Safety and Paralegal Studies
Record Company
Retiree Connection
Safety and Security
Seneff Honors College
Service Learning
Staff Association
Student Development
Study Abroad and Global Experiences
Summer Dance Institute
Undergraduate Research
Veteran Affairs
Teacher Preparation and Re-Certification
The Promise

School of Allied Health
School of Arts and Entertainment
(SAE Part 1) – Anita Wooten East Campus Gallery, Audio Technology and Sound Production, Dance, Digital Media Technology, Entertainment Design and Technology
(SAE Part 2) – Film Production Technology, Fine Arts, Graphic and Interactive Design, Music Performance
(SAE Part 3) – Musical Theatre, Performing Arts Center, School of Arts and Entertainment, Theatre
School of Culinary Arts and Hospitality
School of Nursing
School of Public Safety