Stacked Logo

Use one of our stacked logos when space is limited, including vertical pieces and some online materials.

Key Points

We all play a key role in helping to build a recognizable identity for Valencia College. Get the logo here to make sure it’s in the right colors and size. Feel like you’re taking a shot in the dark? That’s why you’ve got us. We’ll help shed some light on it for you. So get in touch—phone, email, telegram, however you like to connect—we’ve got your back.

Third-Party Logo Use

When the Valencia College logo is used in another entity’s printed or digital materials, brand standards for colors, clear space and sizing must be adhered to.

Primary Stacked Logo

Primary Stacked Logo

When using the stacked logo, choose this version first.

VC primary stacked logo

Primary Stacked Logo – Grayscale

Use this option—or a one color version below—when you’re looking to lower the costs of printing promotional items.

VC stacked logo grayscale


Secondary Stacked Logo

Secondary Stacked Logo

This one’s best for solid white or black backgrounds only.

VC secondary stacked logo

Secondary Stacked Logo – Reversed

Here’s another option on a Valencia College Red background

VC secondary stacked logo reversed

One-Color Versions

Consider using a one-color version when you’re on a budget or looking for a little cost-savings on promotional items.

Secondary Stacked Logo – Valencia Red

Secondary Stacked Logo – Grayscale

Secondary Stacked Logo – Black or White

Clear Space

Give it some air. Room to breathe. Allowing some space around the logo helps it stand out amongst copy, images and other logos. And we want it to stand out.

At a minimum, allow room for two capital Es all the way around. This is, of course, in proportion to the size at which you use the logo.

Twice the cap height of the “E”


Logo Sizing

Put it out there. The logo doesn’t need to be small. Make sure they won’t have to squint to know it’s us. Plus, some methods of printing may not allow the logo to look it’s best at small sizes. Let’s use the Sub-brand Logo at 1-1/4” wide or larger.

Width measurement – from end to end


Steer Clear of Incorrect Use of the Logo

Each of us has a part in maintaining our brand, including the treatment of our logo. Let’s use the official artwork. Logos that have been typed out, stretched or drawn, including the examples below, work against the brand we build.


Don’t typeset the logo. The logo is a custom drawn graphic.

Don’t stretch or distort the logo.

Don’t tilt the logo on an angle.

Don’t change the color of the logo.

Don’t violate the clear space of the primary logo.

Don’t use metallic gold with black.

Don’t use a one-color or grayscale logo within a colored box.

Don’t use the logo within body copy.