College Seal

The Valencia College Seal is a distinguished, historical symbol. We save it for special occasions, like graduation. That way, when it's used, it increases the importance and significance of the mark.

Key Points

Let's all reserve the seal for official documents, such as diplomas and graduation materials. It also may appear on things like podiums and campus monument signage. There are other uses, but we always ask "is it important to them?" It should be printed or reproduced using high-quality materials with a high-production value.

The seal should not be used on:
  • T-shirts
  • Rubber stamps
  • Brochures, flyers and other marketing materials
  • Promotional items—pens, notepads, etc.

Still unsure? We’re happy to help.

We get it. It’s a lot of information to soak in. Reach out—that’s what we’re here for. It takes us all to maintain the brand our students know and love.

Valencia College Seal
VC Seal Color Watermark
Valencia College Seal Stacked Signature
VC Seal Stacked Color Watermark
Valencia College Seal Signature
VC Seal Color Watermark

Pantone 871 Metallic Gold
Metallic Gold** Pantone® 871 C

Color Usage

On some occasions, Metallic Gold can replace the Valencia College Yellow on the seal. No, not real gold. Let's maintain that low tuition.

Clear Space

It’s kind of like when a celebrity goes out in public—"Hey, I don’t mind making an appearance, but give me a little room please.” Clear space allows some room between our seal and other elements, to make sure we stand out and are recognized. It’s important to stand out. Take a look:

Valencia College Seal

Using the seal by itself, the clear space is equal to half the height of the seal. Clear space goes all the way around the seal.

College Seal Clear Space
Valencia College Seal Signature

With the signature, allow room for two capital Es all the way around.

College Seal Signature Clear Space

Valencia College Seal Stacked Signature

With the signature, allow room for two capital Es all the way around.

College Seal Stacked Clear Space

Logo Sizing

When scaling the seal signature, let's keep it in proportion. The components of the seal and the wordmark need to maintain a fixed proportion to one another when scaling larger or smaller in size. Oh, and make sure it reads and prints nicely by using it 1" wide or larger.
Scaling proportions (8:1:2)
VC Seal Signature Scaling Proportions
Width measurement – from end to end

Steer Clear of Incorrect Use of the Seal

Let’s all protect the treatment of our Seal. When it’s misused—from being typed or stretched out to produced in another color—it impacts the integrity of our brand and the mark. We should always use the official artwork. Here are some examples to stay away from.
Improper Use of VC Seal - Primary Logo Don’t use the primary logo with the seal.
VC Seal Improper Use - FIxed Don’t move the seal from its fixed position.
VC Seal Improper - No Scale Don’t scale the components individually.
VC Seal Improper Logo Don’t use the seal in grayscale, or black and white.
VC Seal No wordmark moved Don’t move the wordmark from its fixed position.
Don’t remove any of the seal elements.
VC Seal Improper No Graphic Elements Don’t place the seal within other graphic devices.