Campus Logo

Choose a campus logo when you're working on any campus-specific communications. These logos help unify us under the Valencia College brand while providing an identity for all of our campuses.

Key Points

Campus logos can be recognized by their bold, capital letters. Get the logo here to make sure it's in the right colors and size. Or, if you feel like you're taking a shot in the dark, let us help. That's why we're here.

East Campus Logo
West Campus Logo

Still unsure? We’re happy to help.

We get it. It’s a lot of information to soak in. Reach out—that’s what we’re here for. It takes us all to maintain the brand our students know and love.

Clear Space

Think of it like that little bar at the grocery store checkout. A little space between your stuff and theirs—making it easy to know what belongs to “who.” Allowing some space around the logo helps us stand out amongst copy, images and other logos. At a minimum, allow room for two capital Es all the way around. This is, of course, in proportion to the size at which you use the logo.
Twice the cap height of the “E”
Campus Logo Clear Space

Logo Sizing

Sounds like small potatoes, but it’s a big deal. Make the logo big enough. So they know it’s us. Plus, some methods of printing may not allow the logo to look it’s best at small sizes. Let’s use the Campus Logos at 1-1/4” wide or larger.
Width measurement – from end to end


Steer Clear of Incorrect Use of the Logo

Keeping the integrity of our brand takes work from all of us. Let’s make sure to use the approved artwork and stay away from typed and stretched out logos or colorful versions. Here are some examples to avoid.
vc campus logo improper no adding vc Don’t add “Valencia College.”
VC Campus Logo Improper No Typeset Don’t typeset the sub-brand and sub-unit identifier. Use the official artwork.
VC Campus logo improper no color change Don’t use any color but Valencia Black.
VC Campus Logo No scale Don’t scale any part of the logotype.
VC Campus Logo Improper Usage Don’t  combine campus and unit in a single logo.
valencia college campus logo improper no center Don’t  center unit and or sub-unit under logo.