Brand Cheat Sheet: Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Let’s do this together. Here’s a quickstart guide to working with the Valencia College brand for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) around campus.

Read on, friend.

Start with the Primary Logo

When in doubt, use this logo. It’s how people recognize us and it unifies us as Valencia College.

Valencia College primary logo

Still unsure? We’re happy to help.

We get it. It’s a lot of information to soak in. Reach out—that’s what we’re here for. It takes us all to maintain the brand our students know and love.

Here’s a few more tips:
Keep ‘em separated:
Mind the clearspace. Just how much space are we talkin’? Room for two capital E's all the way around.

Clearspace for logo
Size matters:
Let’s make sure everyone can see it. If it's under 1-1/4", or you have to squint to read it, it’s too small.
Logo size
Need it in one color?
We’ve got that, too. Make sure you use the file named "one-color." See a difference between the “A” and the “C”? Nice eye. The extra space makes it easier to read.

One color Valencia College Logo
One Color versus Color logo

More Logos

Looking for other logos? Check out the Logos page.

Sub-brand Logos

Sub-brand logos complement the primary logo, creating a sense of unity across departments and the college. The sub-brand logo may take the place of the primary logo (in many instances).

Student Development Logo
Campus Specific Logo
Get the Sub-brand Logo

Use of the sub-brand logo should follow the same guidelines (above) for using the Primary Logo, including clearspace, size and one-color versions.

Choose Our Colors

Of all the colors, we picked two: Valencia College Red and Valencia College Yellow. Well, there’s also black and some grays, too.
Valencia College Red
Valencia College Yellow
Valencia College Gray
Get the Colors

Going from Photoshop to InDesign? These color palettes for Creative Cloud are sure to help.

Use the Fonts

The two official typefaces of Valencia College are Adobe Garamond Pro and Gotham.
Adobe Garamond Pro
Gotham Condensed
Alternate Fonts
Don’t have the official fonts or the budget to license them? We’ve got some options that are probably already on your computer. Check out the Typefaces page to learn more.
Get the Fonts

Both Adobe Garamond and Gotham require licensing, just like software. Sorry, we’re not able to share them with you, but you can license them.

Speak Our Voice

How does your club or org sound? If it’s anything like the college, it might sound:
  • Authentic
  • Encouraging
  • Optimistic
  • Progressive
Keep it Clear

Keep it clear and clean. And when it doubt, check out the Student Clubs and Organizations policy. It’ll help keep ya on the right track.

Keep It Legal

Intellectual property (IP) is something owned by someone through a patent, copyright or trademark, including:
  • Artwork
  • Content
  • Designs
  • Images
  • Names
  • So forth
It’s better to be safe than sorry. Double-check if you have permission to use that photo, logo or artwork.

Before You Print/Send It Off, Check It Off

  • Did I use the right logo?
    • Did I allow for clearspace (2 Es all around)?
    • Did I make it large enough?
    • Did I use the right colors?
  • Did I keep the language clear and clean?
  • Did I get permission to use intellectual property?
  • Did I use an approved typeface?
If you’re a power user looking for some templates to promote your club or event, reach out to your Student Development Leaders and ask about getting access to Marq (formally known as LucidPress).

Mascot Use by Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Mascot signature reverse

You have a mascot now—the VC Puma. Feel free to add this cool cat to your Registered Student Organization’s (RSO’s) announcements, posters, flyers, etc. Use it by following a few guidelines so we steer clear of copyright and trademark infringement issues.

  • You can use Puma in your club’s name or in text, but it can NEVER appear in all caps.
  • The Puma Script cannot be used as part of a logo for an RSO.
  • When using any of the VC Puma logos, please adhere to the mascot brand standards regarding clearspace and other specifications. You’ll find out how to request artwork for the VC Puma and more.
  • Always keep in mind any RSO policies or agreements when creating.

Now get ready to show your Puma Pride!