It's Time

Ad Campaign

The Valencia College advertising and marketing campaign – “It’s Time “ – is a multi-faceted campaign that features Valencia College students and faculty. Their appearance in these marketing materials accurately reflects the global make-up of our student body and their participation in the campaign has been vital.

It's Time

It’s time to do things differently. Make your own way in the world. It’s time to stand up and be counted. And speak up and be heard. It’s time to be accepted for who you are, not for how many hoops you can jump through. It’s time to show up. Step up. Level up. It’s time to change the game. And remember why and who you’re playing for in the first place. It’s time to overcome obstacles, break down barriers and not let anything keep you from pursuing your dreams. It’s time to stop wondering if your future will be bright and get the education, guidance and support to ensure that it is.

Valencia College. It’s time.

Te toca a ti.

Ahora – Te toca a ti. Para tomar la antorcha e iluminar tu futuro. Hacer que tus metas, tus ambiciones y tu educación, sean la prioridad. Para comenzar a aprender las herramientas y ganar la confianza para ser la persona que quieres ser. Es hora de demostrar que está preparado para cualquier desafío, obstáculo o sacrificio. Para tus amigos, para tu familia, para ti. Es hora de inscribirse en Valencia College, donde encontrará una comunidad de personas dispuestas a apoyarlo y guiarlo en este viaje. No se limite a caminar por el camino, enciéndelo.

Valencia College. Te toca a ti.

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